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    Forum Rules (PLEASE READ)


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    Forum Rules (PLEASE READ)

    Post by Leni on Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:55 pm

    The first rule of the forum is that you do not talk about this forum.
    The second rule of the forum is that you do not talk about this forum.
    The third rule of the forum is that you do not talk about this forum.

    In seriousness-
    The nature of this forum could be defined 'offtopic', meaning we allow general Placebo discussion as well as Offtopic Discussion. This can mean it is permitted to post nearly anything in the appropriate thread, as long as it remains:
    * inoffensive
    * friendly
    * if controversial, also somewhat humorous
    * related to Placebo, unless the thread is dedicated otherwise

    Posts must not be:
    * deliberately offensive or counterproductive to the forum environment
    * slanderous (there is a difference between fan-fiction, and spreading lies)
    * unintelligable (we ask that you attempt to speak English, and as a nod to trolls - we CAN tell if you are an English speaker and just being lazy with spelling)

    It's worth pointing out that if you DON'T feel you can handle the perhaps 'ridiculous', or 'non-serious' aura of our boards, you go elsewhere to discuss the band.
    The most ACTIVE board remains:
    Placebo Fans World Wide which may soon be the OFFICIAL Placebo Forum, where you can always find news and information, as well as friendly discussion. This board is simply an alternate because some things are better left unsaid in their, and other, functioning and calm environments.

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